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Aaron!!! :)

If That's What It Is

If That’s What It Is

Ariana’s B-day Vlog (Colleen Ballinger)

Featuring: Miranda Sings, Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande, Greyson Chance, Liz Gillies, and more…

Standing (l to r): Kathryn Foley (Kendra); Elizabeth Gillies (Lucy); Hannah Freeman (Patrice); Evan Daves (Simon); Malcolm Morano (Brett); Eamon Foley (Richie); Danielle Freed (Molly); Sascha Peralta-Ramos (Cassie); Ariana Grande (Charlotte); JJ Singleton (Malcolm); Alex Greenzeig (Eddie); Aaron Simon Gross (Archie); On the floor: Douglas Fabian (Evan). Photo courtesy Vanessa Brown

Ariana and Aaron Making Cookies Potato Pumpkin Pancakes

"It’s hard, it’s crusty, it’s hot, and it’s stuck in my throat"

Merry Merriest! Vintage Ariana Grande video from 13.

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Ari and Aaron

Ain’t Life Grande?